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 Waterfront City...Benefit from Tomorrow’s Technology Today                                

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5D Project Management as basis for innovation                             

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Model-based engineering and construction processes

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West Car Park - Qatar

The WSCP is a high quality 2,959 - car park space located in the Qatar Education City.

It provides linkage to the People Mover System (PMS) station for onward travel to final destinations in Education City.

The superstructure car park is four (4) storeys high with an approximate footprint of 45.000 sq.m.

The substructure levels consist of a basement level concourse, PMS stations, and a bus concourse. 

The external cladding of the building is created by a matrix aluminum sections arranged in three different planes. Staircases, escalators, and lifts are provided to link the basement and upper levels.

DPM Roles & Services

DPM Construction Management Services deploy Virtual Construction Solution, a highly integrated 5D solution designed specifically to bring the benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to construction companies. This Solution provides an inherent connection between design, cost, and time, and helps to significantly improve the understanding and control of every project phase.


Model-based Quantity Take Off:

The 5D model produces highly accurate quantities, which are combined with a company database to create the project estimate. Update time is dramatically reduced, and project team can communicate the variances to the budget or previous estimates.
experts leverage this process by providing estimating assistance to CAT Project.