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 Waterfront City...Benefit from Tomorrow’s Technology Today                                

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5D Project Management as basis for innovation                             

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Model-based engineering and construction processes

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About Us

Dynamic Project Management –DPM is specialized in construction management of medium to large sized projects. Relying on more than 12 years of experience in the field, the company founders created a hands-on approach of best practices for the industry.  DPM has thus developed this tested & comprehensive management process using the latest technologies in design (BIM), planning and Project cost control.

  1. Our Vision:

Strategy for Success

Dynamic Project Management – DPM, a small-sized enterprise based in Beirut, uses state-of-the-art technology.

It’s not an easy path to take, but for a waste free construction industry with a clear vision for how this industry can evolve and adopt a Virtual Construction Process. DPM have enhanced a single platform that creates the new Master Builder of the 21st Century – Design and Construction in the 5th Dimension –

  1. Our Mission:

Benefit from Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Dynamic Project Management – DPM is moving forward to incorporate pragmatic requirements for a 5D solution, which is the fast amplification of BIM, Planning and Estimating Solution for multi construction players, to ensure higher progress integration from very early Design, Engineering, Fabrication and Construction to Operation/Maintenance.


  1. Our Offer:

Integrated Environment from Start to END

Dynamic Project Management – DPM continues to focus on its primary Goal; Developing 5D Projects Solutions that Eliminate Waste, Improve Productivity and Enhance Efficiency.


Working with DPM means forming a long term partnership with a company that understands your unique business needs, and is dedicated to developing solutions that will help you achieve your strategic objectives.

DPM can help you become highly responsive to 5D Project management needs whether you are schedule or cost oriented. We use different management methods for project management depending on specific company and/or projectneeds.

  1. Our Team:

The Need to Work Together

The staff at DPM has extensive experience and expertise in implementing and managing 5D solution for construction project owners. DPM brings together and international team coming from multidiscipline construction and business background who has been with the company for years and has unique insight into the nuances of each project phase.

Our senior management’s wealth of technology and management experience is the driving force behind DPM’s distinctive culture that fosters creativity.