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5D Project Management as basis for innovation                             

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Model-based engineering and construction processes

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Project Management

Working closely with your team, DPM Management Services will tailor a solution for your project-specific needs. For each project phase, starting from project initiation, through project execution, to project closure, DPM experts deliver an End-to-End Project Management Services that covers:

·    Project Integration Management
     - project plan development and execution, change management

·    Project Scope Management
     -    planning, defining, verifying, change control

·    Project Time Management
    -    activity definition, sequencing, duration, scheduling, controlling

·    Project Cost Management
     -   resources planning, estimating, budgeting, controlling

·    Project Quality Management
     -   quality planning and assurance, quality control

·   Project Human Resource Management
    -    organizational planning, job descriptions, roles, responsibilities

·   Project Communications Management
    -   planning, information distribution, performance reporting, closure

·   Project Risk Management
    -   identification, quantification, response development and control

·   Project Procurement Management
    -     planning, solicitation, source, contract administration, contract close-out


Project Phases







Project Control

Analyze client needs and planning requirements.

Assist the design team and design process.

Establish prequalification criteria.

Establish communication procedures.

Coordinate project close-out.

Expedite site and soil investigations.

Provide regular project control reports.

Develop trade scopes.

Maintain project records.

Establish warranties, operation and maintenance procedures.

Establish project team strategy and communication.

Review budget, schedule and quality requirements.

Prepare subcontractor list.

Prepare monthly reports


Assist in Establishing project criteria.


Develop bid evaluation criteria.

Establish and, monitor schedule.




Monitor bid status, evaluate results.

Establish and monitor cost control.




Develop document control and procedures.









Project Cost.

Prepare budget estimate.

Prepare detailed estimate at end of schematic documents stage.

Establish unit prices and alternates.

Develop cost control procedures.

Prepare final payment and retainage.

Define assumptions, qualification, allowances, exclusions and contingencies.

Conduct value engineering session.

Review bids and prepare bid comparisons.

Monitor budget and prepare cost reports.

Prepare final cost report.

Evaluate alternative systems.

Control cost through design process.

*Negotiate contracts and prices with low bidders.

*Establish procedure to evaluate and process change orders.

Assemble historical cost data and reports.

Constructability review.

Establish and manage project contingency.

Establish GMP at construction documents stage.

Evaluate pay request applications.


Calculate project cash flow.











Project Schedule

Prepare master schedule and major milestones.

Develop and monitor master schedule.

Fabrication and manpower status.

Review change orders for schedule impact.

Coordinate and obtain final approval from other agencies.

Prepare strategic plan for all design activities.

Prioritize owner’s decisions.

Schedule and conduct pre-bid conferences.

Review schedule for shop drawings, fabrication and deliveries.

Prepare move-In program.


Verify all permit durations and approvals.

Establish submittal schedule to expedite material orders.

Schedule and conduct jobsite progress meetings.

Prepare final schedule status report.


Identify and coordinate all long lead purchases.



Prepare documents of major building equipments.







Quality Control

Define project objectives.

Establish design coordination procedures.

Prequalify subcontractors and vendors, establish bid list

Maintain quality control and control logs.

Coordinate all final inspections, certificates.

Define communication procedures.

Review project documents and verify documents for completeness.

Prepare sub trade scopes and checklists

Control mock-ups and review quality.

Prepare As-built documents.

Define user input, review and approval process.

Review construction documents for details and clarity.

Verify shipping condition of all materials and equipments.

Provide on-site supervision to monitor subs performance.

Assemble and compile record documentation.

Define design deliveries by phase.



Conduct scheduled jobsite safety meetings.