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 Waterfront City...Benefit from Tomorrow’s Technology Today                                

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5D Project Management as basis for innovation                             

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Model-based engineering and construction processes

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The Competitive Difference


We consider that construction industry encompasses a large set of techniques that depend on client, environment and project requirements. We can formulate the strategy of the construction company and/or the project.

We start with project selection and evaluation, feasibility, 3D design, budget, planning, operational techniques and processes (stock, productivity…), form management (Claims, variation orders, procurement, BOQ, QS…) and project monitoring from the start of the project until the end.

Using on the ground supervision, ADVANCED metrics and IT tools, we can put our client in a very good position both in terms of budget, construction operations and on time delivery.  At the end we formulate accurate project cost indicators that help our client do a better evaluation for other projects.

In this domain we believe that we can provide a real hands-on solution rather than discrete services.  We have developed a comprehensive approach as  we evaluate the project needs using qualitative skills then define the 5D quantitative requirements in order to translate this into IT tools like project management software(Building information Management –BIM, ERP & Contract management…), Planning (Primavera P6)…


- Our services can be fit to a variety of client groups like Project Owners, Designer, Developers and General Contractors.

- Our solutions can go from providing project set up & control to complete 5D project management services.  In certain cases we can help our large clients by setting up the 5D management process internally.


- Training is an integral part of the internal management set up of our 5D process: We provide theoretical and hands-on training in order to help our client’s internal team acquire the required skills to operate the business or project on its own. 

This can include management training like strategy, finance & budgeting, contract management… We also have IT training that covers BIM, Primavera, Enterprise resource planning…