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 Waterfront City...Benefit from Tomorrow’s Technology Today                                

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5D Project Management as basis for innovation                             

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Model-based engineering and construction processes

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a.        BIM (Building Information Modeling) – VDC (Virtual Design and Construction)

Imagine this ... all parties involved in the construction process
— architects, engineers, contractors, project managers and customers
— are digitally exchanging information through the same computer software model.
This might sound futuristic to some, but it becomes reality with DPM – BIM.

With the BIM concept (Building Information Modeling), DPM offers the solution through an intelligent and multi-accessible 5D model.



DPM team will help you get started with the deployment or implementation of your Virtual Construction solution, and will enable a smooth transition to the new technology at your own pace.

DPM Construction Management Services deploy Virtual Construction Solution, a highly integrated 5D solution designed specifically to bring the benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to construction companies. This Solution provides an inherent connection between design, cost, and time, and helps to significantly improve the understanding and control of every project phase.


DPM has now adapted the 5D technology for the Construction industry (AEC) for each project stage, starting from business development, through pre-construction, to actual construction, DPM experts deliver an end-to-end integrated construction service.